Add hyperlinks to existing HTML and text documents

AddLinx is a simple Windows utility that adds hyperlinks to URLs in an existing HTML web pages or to text document. When converting existing web pages it takes care not to add hyperlinks to any URLs already inside valid hyperlinks.

The program recognises http:, www., FTP and gopher addresses as well as email addresses and usenet newsgroup links. Options allow you to select which types of URLs are converted into hyperlinks. The URL recognistion algorithms are fairly advanced and will ignore badly formatted email addresses or partial URLs. They can also distinguish URLs with commas in then from comma separated lists of URLs here are some examples.

This can be a great time saver for those who want to create web pages with large numbers of URLs in them, or who want to ensure they get all the hyperlinks marked up correctly.

You can download the

Shareware version of AddLinx (361kb)

Note, this program just one of a number of HTML conversion utilities offered by JafSoft. If you want a more general utility to convert text to HTML, look at AscToHTM from which AscToTab evolved.


AddLinx is shareware. Although the software has no limits on its use, if you continue to use the software you are honour bound to pay for it. The cost is $10 (10 USD), e10 (10 Euro) or £5 (5 GBP). Payment should be in cash (notes) or equivalent. I can't accept cheques as they cost too much to process (unless they're in pounds sterling).

It you only use the software a few times, and would simply like to say "thank you", send me a postcard as these are always appreciated by the author.

All cash and postcards should be sent to

John A Fotheringham
JafSoft Limited
35 Nursery Road
Heaton Norris

These details are also in the program's help files.


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