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What the users say about AscToHTM

Here is a selection of comments our users have made about AscToHTM. All of these comments come from original email and were unsolicited. We'd like to thank our users for their enthusiastic encouragement and support for the software.

Greg, Kansas

Seriously, this program is just awesome! That's all I can say - AWESOME! It saves HOURS of hassle! Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks.


I have been using the registered version of AscToHTM for a while now, and I wanted to write you a note to tell you what an incredibly handy little program it is!!

I have no idea how much time it has saved me (especially since I'm no expert at HTML code) but the amount is quite substantial to be sure.

Greg Platt,

I downloaded the shareware version and played with the demo for about 10 minutes. That was enough to convince me that this program is EXTREMELY useful!! I am working on a project wherein I have roughly 500 old text documents (and more to come) to convert to web pages. SOooo, as I said in my order form you just saved my butt! What a GREAT tool!!


I'm even managing to produce customized headers and footers for each file so that the page header contains data that originally appeared in the body of the old document. I'm doing that using some replacement tags of my own placed in my code Header and Footer files and with the help of a "grep-like" utility. It now takes me about 3 - 5 minutes to convert the average text file into a custom-looking web page with email links to the original authors... Very nice. Thanks to your tool.


I've tried out AscToHtm and I find it marvellous. There is no equal on the market and believe me, I've tried everything and searched everywhere.

Mark Owens

Thank you for the fantastic AscToHTM update! The new feature that enables splitting sections based on keywords is truly outstanding! My life has just gotten about a hundred times more productive when doing conversions. Many thanks!

Drew Gallaher,

Just wanted to tell you... you sir are The Man... I've completed the RFCs... all 2800 of them... but I did have to convert RFC index by hand and build 4500+ links... ewwww... all told it took me 62 hour, to build and test all the links on the RFC index... I figure your program saved me about 2 minutes per document so, approximately 93 hours all together... it really is a wonderful program... and thank you for changing it for me... once again thank you...

Cholthanee Koerojna

Thank you so much, Jaf. You have done very good job. Your work really supports my work a lot. I am sure that many other people also get a lot of benefit too

D. Schwartz

Thanks again for the great piece of work. I tried writing something similar to this once, and can tell you've put quite a bit of effort into it!

John S.,

I like your product so much that if it's ever useful to you, I'd be happy to provide a testimonial.

(thanks John... you just did! :)

R. (my first ever customer)

Okay, I have only two words for you before you go on holiday, and I've never used them together in quite this way before.

F___ing brilliant

[your money] is in the post


It is a wonderful product.

Sam (the "Fluid Druid"),

Ripper JAF - that's exactly what I want!

Sam produced a site using AscToHTM, describing the attempt to send a bottle of whisky, one sip at a time, from Norway to New Zealand. Sam asks that I point out that "the prank didn't come off".

He also insists that I "write something suitably rude" about his sanity. I couldn't possibly do that, I'd rather let his site speak for itself :-)


First..........I just installed AscToHTM on my Dec Alpha Server and tested it on one of our ISO-9000 manufacturing standards that we are migrating to hypertext. This document started life as a DEC WPSPLUS word processing document some years back (we are in the process of migrating thousands of such documents to hypertext to serve electronically in our factory via two OSU WEB servers running on my OpenVMS Cluster) and now in just a fraction of a second it is a well formatted "nearly ready for the WEB" hypertext document!


I am VERY IMPRESSED with your ingenuity and also VERY GLAD to have found your program! I have to tell you that this first test of exporting a WPSPLUS document to text and then converting it to HTML with your software has amazed me. AscToHTM is surely one of the most well programmed, useful, and work saving applications I have ever run on OpenVMS or any other platform. For major ISO-9000 conversions like ours, it is a "God Send", and after 25 years in this business, I do not use that term very often to describe software of any sort.

Thank you so much for writing it and for making it available to the worldwide VMS community.


I just downloaded the file and installed it yesterday and was thoroughly wowed! I'm so tired of inefficient "bloatware" that generally fails to meet the task and your two rather straight approach to a nagging problem for all of us is just electric! .

(and later, after getting her first free upgrade)

Thanks so much for being such a nice person. Such few authors advise us of upgrades. You're an exception and as such, deserve a real big hug!


I've never in my life "met" such a responsive software author. Thank you very, very much. I'll look forward to your final word that an upgrade is available.

(later, after changing the program to solve a table problem in IE)

Thank you. I'll be thrilled if we can get this working. {Dramatic music please: the crabs in the Chesapeake Bay will thank you; the asthmatics in Baltimore will owe you their cleaner breaths...your worthy work to protect Maryland's environment.....


I think you've done a yeoman's job helping me to meet an important deadline. If a yeoman is a bad thing, well, then, I didn't mean what I said. :>)


I, who usually take (at least) a few days analyzing the software I demo, made up my mind in ten minutes flat that I HAD to have this software!!! The time savings alone maintaining the websites I design will pay for the software a thousand-fold!

Thanks again for providing a phenomenal product at such a reasonable cost


Also I am looking into putting credits to your program somewhere on our search page. What do you think? I am open to suggestions.. Nothing like giving credit back to part of the development team! ;-)

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