Examples of text to RTF conversion

This page lists some examples of text to RTF conversion done by JafSoft's AscToRTF converter. Depending on your browser you may not be able to view RTF files, in which case you'll need to save the file to your hard disk first.

Alternatively you can download a .zip file containing both the text and RTF versions. Often this file is smaller that either of the other two files, and has the advantage that you can examine the files in detail on your own system once you are offline.

A test document text version (4k) RTF version (14k) zip file containing both (6k)
C:\Windows\config.txt text version (18k) RTF version (31k) zip file containing both (18k)
A sample table file text version (3k) RTF version (19k) zip file containing both (18k)

In each of the above examples only the output font has been changed from the default. With a bit of tweaking the results could probably be improved further.

The CV contains a number of characters added to give emphais etc (asterisks and underscores around phrases).

The Windows config.txt shows the most errors as the original has 2-line headings that are underlined.

The RTF version of the table is much bigger than the text source file because of the amount of markup RTF requires to make tables. If you view the table sample in Word, select "Table -> Show Gridlines" to see how the program has placed the data into cells in the table.


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