May 2001
For Immediate Release

Contact: Dr John A Fotheringham,
Tel: 44 (161) 718 0211 (in the UK)
email: info<at>
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Convert Your Text Into HTML with AscToHTM

JafSoft Limited has released AscToHTM version 4.0 for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, a program that converts plain text files (.txt) into good looking HTML web pages in seconds.

AscToHTM converts text files using advanced text-recognition algorithms that detect the document's structure. It recognizes headings, bullets, lists, indentation, URLs, tables, ASCII art and much more. The resulting HTML faithfully reflects the structure of the original document.

This easy-to-use program adds value to the HTML e.g. by turning URLs into hyperlinks and adding color to your pages. It can generate a hyperlinked contents list from your headings, split large files into a set of linked pages, or place your HTML in a set of frames. These extra features make the software ideal for use as an authoring tool as well as a conversion tool.

Novice users will appreciate how easy it is to quickly generate HTML - just choose the files to be converted, press a single button and the results are displayed in your browser.

Power users will love the control that they can exercise over such things as title, colors, <META> tags, style sheets and a myriad of other aspects of HTML production. For efficiency, your selected options may be saved in "policy files" for reuse next time you run the program.

Whether you are a business user that wants to place key documents and reports on your Intranet, or a budding author who wishes to publish your prose as good-looking e-books, this software will save you many hours of effort. The extensive documentation will guide you through the program's many features.

Version 4.0 introduces support for frames generation; copying the HTML generated directly to the windows clipboard; and allowing user-supplied HTML fragments to be used to customize the HTML generated by the program.

AscToHTM costs $40(US) for a single user license. Site licenses are available. The software is made available free of charge to Usenet FAQ maintainers.

For more information visit or email info<at> A 30-day trial can be downloaded from (1.3Mb)


AscToHTM is available for magazine cover disks. Please contact infi<at> to ensure you have the latest version.

The software has 5 stars at ZDNet and many others and has been described by a number of reviewers as the "best in the world". Reviews can be read at

Developers may like to know that an API is also available under separate license for those who wish to integrate the software's functionality with their own applications. Contact sales<at> for details.

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