JafSoft Limited privacy policy

JafSoft Limited believe in protecting your privacy. Our site makes no attempt to discover your identity or track your interest through cookies or any other active technology.

When you contact us via email, or register one of our products those details are kept for our own use only, this information is never passed on to third parties. We do not sell or otherwise make available any information we have without first gaining permission.

Below we describe the various types of data we collect, and the use to which it is put.


All written and email correspondence with JafSoft is treated as private, and for security is archived on a machine that is not part of the JafSoft - or any other - web site.

All information contained in such correspondence will only ever be used by JafSoft.

Occasionally JafSoft may seek to make excerpts public as follows :-

We often offer support on our products via email. Giving such support can be time consuming, so in order to allow all our users to benefit we reserve the right to extract text from any of our more detailed replies for use in product FAQs and the like.

This will be done either without quoting any of your original text or edited it to ensure we protect your identity.

Where we choose to quote testimonials, the author will only be identified after their permission has been sought. Where no such permission can be obtained, testimonials will be anonymous, and further will be edited so as to ensure the privacy of the original author.

Registered users of JafSoft products

Users who register JafSoft products have their email addresses added to our product mailing lists. These lists are used to notify users of upgrades to JafSoft products only.

Currently the mailing list is run through the third-party site www.egroups.com. Their privacy policy is at http://www.onelist.com/info/privacy.html. Egroups operate opt-outs on all of the mailing lists they operate. All opt-out requests are honoured, though this will mean you will not be notified of the (usually free) product upgrades.

Other than for the mechanics of running the product mailing list itself, the list of users will not be made available to third parties for their own use.

Registration is usually completed through third-party sites who handle the financial transaction for us using secure servers. We currently use two such sites

These sites handle your credit details using their own secure servers. Once the financial transaction is completed, we are sent a confirmation with

Note, we are not given your credit details, so please don't quote card numbers in any correspondence with us. For security reasons we delete such mails.

The details passed to JafSoft are kept private, with only the email address being added to the product mailing list.

Log files

JafSoft is hosted on a web server which, like all servers, compiles a log file of visits to our site. You can see a fragment of such a log file here, where the information that can be extracted from such logs is explained in detail.

The creation of a web server log is standard practice with virtually every web server in the world. To a limited extent you can influence the information passed to the web server though your choice of browser, and its configuration.

Like most webmasters, we take an active interest in our log files, and analyse them regularly to see which pages are visited most often, and where users are coming from. Such interest is mostly statistical, and is mainly directed to improving the design and structure of our web site.

Please note that the JafSoft log files are password protected and so are not generally accessible (unlike some servers). The log files are ultimately archived to a machine that is not on the Internet.

JafSoft also analyse these log files to spot new candidates for the list of search engines and web robots that we publish. See

http://www.jafsoft.com/misc/opinion/search_engines.html http://www.jafsoft.com/misc/opinion/webbots.html

If a web robot spiders our site, we will most likely publish that fact.

Apart from this, JafSoft does not make the details in our server logs available to any third party.

Stats counters

Some of JafSoft's pages use the free statistics package from Extreme Tracking. These trackers use information akin to that in the server logs to generate statistics on the visits to these pages. The free version of this tracker produces statistics that may viewed by anyone. Most of these exclude IP details, but one report shows the last 20 visiting IP addresses.

You can see a typical report at http://y.extreme-dm.com/tracking/nph-summarys.cgi?tag=asctohtm
Extreme's privacy policy is at http://www.extreme-dm.com/tracking/privpol.html, although that mostly applies to our relationship with them.


JafSoft reserve the right to link to any publicly accessible web site, although we will listen to any requests to remove links from our site. We will not link to any password-protected site in a way that exposes either username or password unless we have explicit permission to do so.

We cannot vouch for the privacy policies of all sites we link to.

Contact details

If you have any questions about this privacy statement you may JafSoft as follows:-

email: info@jafsoft.com
snail: John A Fotheringham
JafSoft Limited
35 Nursery Rd,
Heaton Norris
United Kingdom


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