Translations of JafSoft Limited programs

Thanks to a number of volunteers we have been able to partially translate these products into a number of languages. This process is heavily handicapped by the Author only speaking English, so many thanks to the people involved. Full credit will appear here in the near future,

Converting the software is a large effort, so we are attempting to "roll out" this process by converting various components in order or ease. These include


The first four form part of the program each time it is run. It is planned to have one version of the program support all current languages, at least initially while the number of langauages is small.

The last two are major documents. As such these will be translated last (if at all), and will probably be made available as separate downloads. As yet neither of these files has been translated.

Note, as of version 3.3 the program supports the use of "language skins". These are files that contain all the text used in the user interface. You can create your own "skins" simply by editing one of these files to create your own file which may be loaded into the program. An example of a "language skin" can be seen here. If you create any new skins, please email them to info<at> with a view to having them distributed with the software.

At present efforts are underway to translate AscToHTM into

If you'd like to help with this effort, please email us at info<at>

(Note, replace "<at>" by "@" to use any of the above email addresses)


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