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This documentation can be downloaded as part of the documentation set in .zip format (370k)

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2 Installation

The shareware version of AscToHTM is made available over the web from the download page. Once you register you can download the full version (no nags, no limits), and will be notified of upgrades. To date all upgrades have been free, but we cannot guarantee that this policy will continue for ever. So far I've never requested payment for any updates in over 4 years of continuous development. You can see this history in the Change History

Installation will vary according to the type of install kit you've downloaded, but in each case you first download the .ZIP file appropriate to your system and unzip.

2.1 VMS installation

Unzip the files.

If you've taken an executable version, that's it.

If you've taken an object library version, execute the build command file.

You might want to define a foreign command to get better use out of the program.

Have a cup of coffee and relax :)

2.2 Windows installation

The current version of the software makes updates to your Registry. See the Install notes that come with the software for a description of the registry settings used.

The Windows version requires certain .DLLs. In earlier versions these were supplied separately, with the result that the download size was doubled. The software is "statically linked", meaning you don't need to worry about having the correct DLLs. The price is a slightly larger .exe file.

2.2.1 Install/uninstall version

If you've taken a version with install/uninstall help, unzip the file and then run the setup.exe program. This will move the files to a directory, and create all icons etc.

Once installed, your computer will offer an uninstall option. You can access this via Control Panel | Add/remove software.

The install/uninstall version is substantially larger than the manual install versions. This means some people experience problems downloading the file.

For this reason smaller kits without the install/uninstall help are available (see 2.2.2)

2.2.2 Simple .ZIP file version

This version should be used by anyone who anticipates problems with the install/uninstall version, or who simply wishes to upgrade an existing version.

It's several times smaller than the install/uninstall version.

Once you've unzipped the files, move them to your preferred directory.

There will be no uninstall command in this case (unless you are overlaying an earlier installed version).

2.2.3 Console application

Originally AscToHTM was only available as a console application. Now it is available as a fully-windowed application. Consequently this version is not so widely available.

The console version is made available to registered users who wish it, as it is more suited for automated conversions inside batch jobs etc.

The conversion engine is identical in each case, it's just GUI-less.

Please note, this is not the same as the DOS version that we once to produce, and will require a Win32 environment. The DOS version is no longer available.

In later versions of the program the Windows version of supports both the console and Windowed interfaces in a single program. As a result only the Windows version is shipped by default. A separate console version (A2HCONS) will be supplied free of charge to registered users who have a specific requirement (e.g. they want to run AscToHTM from a command file)

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