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Ordering your copy

Details on how to register AscToPDF can be found on the web page

This URL is also shown on the "About" window.

Discounts are available to anyone wishing to purchase multiple copies. Site licenses are also available. Users who register will also get access to the console version which may be better suited to batch processing or performing automated conversions

Software developers wishing to incorporate AscToPDF's functions into their own systems may be interested in the API version.

For more information, visit the web page, or email info<at>

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What happens if I don't register AscToPDF?
Upgrade Policy
Other products by the same author
Contacts on the Web

What happens if I don't register AscToPDF?

Originally I wanted to produce a fully-featured, but time-limited evaluation version. However, for various reasons we've had to move to move to producing a largely-featured version with a 30 day time limit.

Sorry 'bout that.

At present the trial version of the program expires 30 days after installation. Each time the program runs it will tell you how may days left you have.

There are other limitations of the trial version :-

I don't like limiting the software, but people need reminding, so there you go.

Upgrade Policy

At present AscToPDF is in late beta. Anyone who registers AscToPDF at this time will get a free upgrade to version 1.0.

Beyond that Free upgrades will be given for all minor releases, but an upgrade fee will be liable for version 2.0.

During the late beta phase, the price of AscToPDF will be substantially less than what we anticipate selling version 1.0 for.

Other products by the same author

Other products by the same author include

text-to-HTML converter, $30
text-to-RTF converter, $59
text-to-Table converter for HTML and RTF, available as postcardware
HTML-to-text converter, $29.95

There's a lot of common technology between these products (in terms of the conversion engine and the user interface), so if you like one, you should try the others.

For more details visit the web site at

or email the author at info<at>

Contacts on the Web

The home page
The AscToPDF home page is hosted on the JafSoft Limited web site.

E-mail any feedback to info<at> (replace the "<at>" by "@"). Most people are pleasantly surprised to get a reply. Some are amazed at the short response time.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee either :-)


A limited amount of support is available to registered users by emailing info<at> (replace the "<at>" by "@"). Any enquiries should be directed to the same address.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee any replies, though we do try to be helpful. Priority is given to people who have registered copies.

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