Documentation for the Detagger html to text converter and markup removal utility

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I'd like to thank all the people who have helped me produce Detagger and its related products. Although Detagger is a one-man programming effort, I really wouldn't have come this far without the support and encouragement of friends and users.

I'd like to thank my beta testers.

For Detagger special thanks also go to Greg Platt for suggesting text conversions options that would never have occurred to me.,

A special thanks to the people who volunteered to translate aspects of JafSoft software into other languages for the benefit of users. They are

Andre Martinez (French)

Gonzalo San Martin (Spanish).

Gianluigi Pizzuto (Italian)

Dan Svarreby (Swedish)

Alexander (aka J-34) (Russian)

Jurrien Dokter (Dutch)

Jürgen Krane (German)

Finally, my biggest thanks are to my registered customers who keep asking me features that would never even have occurred to me.

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