Documentation for the Detagger html to text converter and markup removal utility

The latest version of these files is available online at

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Ordering your copy

You can buy the windows version on-line. Registered users will also get a copy of the console version, which is better suited for automated conversions.

An API version is also available. You should contact us with details of your needs to get a quote for that. Purchasers of the API version will get a complimentary license for the Windows version.

Windows Version

Detagger costs $25 per copy.

Anyone who buys a copy of Detagger may freely take backup copies, and install it on all their home machines, and one desktop and one portable at work.

Organisations wanting multiple copies will be offered discounts, contact info<at> (replace the "<at>" by "@") for details.

Registration details can be found on the web page

This URL is also shown on the Help -> About window.

For more information, visit the web page, or email info<at> (replace the "<at>" by "@").

As well as the Windows version Detagger is available as a console version, and there is also a programmers API version available.

API version

Software developers can purchase an API version of Detagger under separate license. Contact info<at> (replace the "<at>" by "@") for details.

The API offers access to the full functionality of Detagger. It is delivered as both a DLL or link library. A demonstration package is available on the web that shows the API being called from both C++ and Visual Basic sample programs.

You can get more information by visiting

where you will also be able to download an evaluation copy. This evaluation will add headers to output and convert some text to UPPER CASE, but is otherwise fully functional.

The API software itself is written in C++, but the API interface is declared as a set of "C" routines, and a C header file is supplied to define the API. The API is supplied as both a link library and a DLL. The code can be called from C/C++ software or (in DLL form only) Visual Basic. The above link contains evaluation downloads that demonstrate both in sample programs.

Some customers have also successfully called the API from:

The API is supplied in digital form under Windows, but with access to the source code (not normally supplied), the API has been successfully built on the following platforms

Access to non-Windows system is currently only possible if you purchase a source code license.

If you are interested in the API, send details of what your intended use is to info<at> You should specify

Developers who purchase the API get a complimentary copy of the windows product, primarily to allow them to easily prototype any "Policy files" for the conversions they want to attempt. The functionality of the Windows version and the API may differ slightly.

Developers will also be offered free of charge any updates that occur for up to one year from the date of purchase. During this time email support will be offered to a few named contacts.

After one year developers may choose to continue to receive upgrades and support by paying an annual fee in advance, usually set at around 20% of the initial license fee.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer support to your end users.

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