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This page is intended to list all the search engines that JafSoft become aware of, together with - where possible - a review of the engine, and links to useful pages related to the engine. For each page we aim to list the advanced search page, the help page, and the add URL page.

We will also list (near the end) other search-engine related sites.

You can view a shorter version of this page listing just the URLs, should you wish to bookmark this. Also you can view a list of web robots.

In part this list will be assembled by monitoring access to robots.txt on our site, following up references in USENET, and observing search engines that people use to find our pages.

Many of the major search engines are trying to become "portal sites". Such sites want you to use them as your starting point so they can raise advertising revenue. In return you'll find a combination of news, free email, free web space and a directory on offer.

We ignore all that here, we're just concerned with how they hack it as a search engine, the rest is (time wasting) window dressing for our current purposes.

If you find the adverts and graphics are slowing down a good search engine, use your browser's options to switch them off.

Please report any broken links to

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