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ISP related search engines

I couldn't find an advanced search option.
Search tip is at
Add your site at

AOL's search engine. Used by AOL's many millions of users. Powered by Excite it says, so it's about as useful, although again the database of pages appears different.

Has a useful "view results by website" option. (or

Search tips at,566,home-136,00.html?fd.srch.tip
Power search at,179,home-0,00.html?fd.srch.pwr
Add URL at,566,home-1077,00.html?
Directory is at,668,home-0,00.html

Inktomi results, headed by NBCI's directory listings (see the directory URL above). The results from the directory often appear only loosly related to the search term, so if you include a word like "HTML" in your search you get a long list of directory listed software ahead of the search engine results. NBCI seems to be a portal site, the about page styles itself as an "Internet media company", which seems fair enough given its heritage.

No help on the search function as such.
Advanced search at
No add URL.

Very sparse search function, but with reasonable advanced search. Reports mirror sites, but in the tests I did it wrongly reported similar pages as mirror sites, when they were, in fact, different pages in the same documentation set.

Help at
No Add URL page.
No advanced search.


One of the oldest ISPs (indeed it was around before the term ISP was invented). Results list "premium web sites" before listing the more traditional, and extensive, results. Powered by Inktomi.

The results pages offer an option to show Compuserve results only.

Geocities is one of the major "free web space" providers. They have a search engine that allows you to search their member pages. Often these pages are not listed in the other major search engines.

Help is at
Submit URL at

Not strictly an ISP, ICQ is used by millions of people worldwide. The search results include an option to visit the links chosen by other ICQ members, although this would appear to not in relation to your particular keywords. Options include searching for other ICQ members who share the same interests, and to execute popular related searches.

Advanced search at
Advanced help is at
Submit URL at, but you're limited to
only one URL per site per day.

The Microsoft ISP search engine. Regional alternatives are available.

The "advanced search" takes you to Snap!, and doesn't offer the ability to limit your search to xoom sites.

Search tips is at,11,-6736,00.html?

The search engine would appear to be powered by Snap!/Inktomi. There's no "next page" option, so set the number of results wanted before you search. Annoyingly this gets reset to 10 each time.

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