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Other lists of search engines

A very comprehensive list of sites, broken down into categories. Also lists auction sites and the like. You can't actually search from this site, but it will lead you to just the right search engine for locating the type of item you're interested in.

I've resisted the urge to copy all their links to this page :-)

Nice overview of the main engines, with good descriptions of their background and history.

List of search engines with an educational bias. Identifies which sites are filtered for content.

This site is produced (apparently) by 6 people at the Oakton Community College Library. In addition to have a number of quality link lists on several topics (including search engines), they offer a more tutorial based approach, explaining how to get the most out of the links they offer.

Amazing what 6 people can do eh?

A large and comprehensive alphabetic listing of search engine and directory sites. A bit slow to draw as each page is placed inside a single large table. The list simply contains links to each engine, with the larger sites being shown in bold.

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