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AscToPDF is a tool that lets you automatically convert your ASCII text to into good-looking PDF documents. The converter allows you to quickly convert newsletters, reports and tables into a more portable format.

See an example conversion
The following PDF file (20 kb) has been created by using the program to convert from this ASCII text file (33 kb). The example is a fairly typically RFC document, and you can read more about key features to note about the results of this text to PDF conversion.

The software uses the same powerful text analysis engine as the highly praised HTML and RTF converters (AscToHTM and AscToRTF). This plain text analysis engine allows the utility to recognize the structure of your document and transform your .txt files into PDF files. The result is a good-looking and accurate PDF documents.

When you convert your text to PDF, the software recognizes many typographical features, including

  • headings (numbered, underlines, capitalized)
  • bullet points
  • multiple indentation levels
  • paragraphs and short lines
  • ASCII art diagrams, tables and code samples

Where tables or diagrams are detected in the original text these are output using a non-proportional font of an appropriate size in the PDF document. All other text is put out in a fully justified proportional font, making the resulting text easier on the eye.

Unlike many other PDF converters, AscToPDF is an entirely self-contained application that doesn't require the installation of any other software in order to convert a txt file to PDF. Nor does it require that you install it as a print driver. You just run the program, select the files you want converted and press the Convert button to generate the PDF output.

The converter is capable of accepting wildcards, allowing it to convert many files at once in a single pass, without repeated manual intervention.

A console application is also available. This offers the same functionality, but as a command line utility it will be better suited for use in automated procedures and batch conversions you use to convert text to PDF.

AscToPDF is the easiest way to convert from txt to PDF.

Registering the Windows application also entitles you to a copy of the console version, so that you can enjoy both the ease of use of the windows application whilst using the console version to perform your automated conversions.

About this release

An API version will be made available shortly under separate license for software developers who want to incorporate AscToPDF's ability into their own applications. If you have an urgent need, please contact us.

Because it uses the same text analysis engine as AscToHTM, AscToPDF can currently recognise more typographical features than it can currently implement. For example it can parse plain text tables into rows and columns and spot hyperlinks in the text. It's hoped to add support for more sophisticated rendering of such objects in later releases.


At present the converter has the special introductory price of $40.

This is a very early release of AscToPDF. Although the software already produces better results that many other rival tools, it's expected that it will change rapidly in the near future as the interface is refined, and more features recognised by the analysis engine are implemented in the PDF output.

As such we've decided to label the current release "Version 0.9". No official press releases or announcements have been made of this product as yet. We plan to do that when release 1.0 becomes available.

As a reflection of this state of play, we're offering version 0.9 at the special introductory price of $40 US. Anyone registering now will be entitled to a free upgrade to release 1.0, which we expected to retail for around $80.

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