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10 Known problems

We listen to all suggestions, and indeed many of the features added have been in direct response to customer feedback. (You couldn't expect us to invent all this stuff on our own now, could you? :)

10.1 Bug reports

Registered users are free to make bug reports or suggestions for enhancements to We try to fix bugs ASAP, and to date have usually shipped fixes to specific problems within 72 hours, but we can't promise this response time.

We used to maintain a bug list, but we prefer spending the time fixing them rather than documenting them.

10.2 Features

All good software has features (ask Microsoft).

This is my problem not yours. Unless it catches you out when, of course, it becomes your problem, not mine.

The following are consequences of how the program works, and may take longer to "fix"

Over time more of these will be configurable via the document policy, but originally we tried to avoid the need for such micro-control.

10.3 Coming soon... or not.

Many, many features have been added in direct response to (registered) users requests. Many, thanks to all those who've come up with suggestions and feedback (you all know who you are).

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