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9 Purchasing AscToHTM, and contacts on the web

9.1 Purchasing AscToHTM

9.1.1 Why should I purchase AscToHTM?

You need a reason? :-)

Oh well... here are some reasons to visit the registration page :-

Not enough eh? Okay...

You can read details of the 11 or more upgrades made over 3-4 years in the Change History. Every single one of these has been free to those who have registered to date.


9.1.2 What happens if I don't register the shareware version of AscToHTM?

Originally I wanted to produce a fully-featured, but time-limited shareware version. However, for various reasons we've had to move to move to producing a largely-featured version with a 30 day time limit.

Sorry 'bout that.

At present the shareware version of the program will expire after 30 days plus 5 days usage. Each time the program runs it will tell you how may days use you have. During this period the program inserts a one line reminder to register at the top and bottom of each HTML page generated. This line is omitted in the registered version.

This line is easily deleted from the output source file, but we expect this to become quite tedious if the program is used repeatedly, particularly when large documents are split into a number of small files, or a large number of files are being converted. Some people have actually put such pages on the web.

There are other limitations of the shareware version :-

This mixed case will go away if you register the software.

I don't like limiting the software, but there you go.

9.1.3 Can't I get something for nothing?

Only if you fall into either of the following two categories:

We VMS users pay too much for software (that's when we can get it), so the VMS version of this software is made available for free. </SOAPBOX>

If you really want a free copy, buy an OpenVMS system :) If you find any for less than $40, let me know :)

9.1.4 I'm convinced. How to I purchase AscToHTM?

First we recommend you try out the product to convince yourself that it meets your needs.

You've done that right?

Okay, visit the registration page and follow the instructions there. You can buy AscToHTM online through a couple of third party registration services. These services can accept payment through a number of methods including credit cards, wire transfer or snail mail. Once the registration service has received payment details of how to get your registered version. Often the whole process can be completed in minutes.

If you experience any problems registering email with details.

9.2 Contacts on the Web

9.2.1 The home page

The AscToHTM Home page is hosted on the JafSoft Limited web site.

If you have problems locating the home page and suspect it has moved, go to AltaVista and enter

+"John A Fotheringham" +AscToHTM

to locate any new home page.

9.2.2 E-mail

E-mail any feedback to Most people will get a reply within 24 hours, although we cannot guarantee this given holidays and the like.

9.2.3 Support

Support is available to registered users by emailing Any enquiries should be directed to the same address.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee any replies, though we do try to be helpful. Priority is given to people who have registered copies.

Recently a AscToHTM FAQ has been created. Although not complete, it may help to answer some of the commoner questions people have.

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