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6.0 Future directions

6.1 RTF generation

The text analysis engine that lies at the core of AscToHTM is now available in a text-to-RTF converter. This is called AscToRTF, but we prefer the name "rags to Rich Text" :-)

The initial release of this software was in March 2000. For more details visit the AscToRTF home page.

6.2 Multi-lingual user interface

AscToHTM (and AscToRTF) support several languages in the user interface. These translations have been provided by volunteers, and so far only extend to parts of the user interface. All the programs' documentation and support remain in English.

The software also supports the use of "language skins", i.e. the loading of text files containing all the user interface text. This will hopefully allow people to convert the program into more languages. We'd welcome copies of skins developed, and will consider them for future distribution. Please send them to info<at>jafsoft.com

For more details visit http://www.jafsoft.com/products/translations.html

6.3 Improved standards support

Standards support is now a stated aim of the program.

However, due to the complexities of generating standards-compliant HTML from arbitrarily structured text we don't feel we can guarantee standards-compliance. If you find the program generating faulty HTML, please report it to info<at>support.com.

If you want to validate your HTML, visit http://validator.w3.org/

Please note, if you embed your own HTML into your source files, this may well upset the balance in terms of compliance.

When the program detects that it has violated standards, error messages will be displayed. You should report such violations to info<at>support.com.

6.4 Targeting particular HTML versions

Internally the program is aware of the features and limitations of various versions of HTML as follows

HTML 3.2
HTML 4.0 Transitional
HTML 4.0 Strict (not yet supported)

For example certain HTML entities are only supported under newer versions of HTML.

Bearing in mind we're converting text files, there's a limit as to how advanced the HTML can be (for example I can't work out which text to animate :-)

If you want to target a particular form of HTML, use the policy

HTML version to be targeted : HTML 4.0 Transitional

and the program will adjust to do the best it can.

"HTML 4.0 Strict" is not yet supported as the program uses a number of "deprecated" tags that are still allowed in "HTML 4.0 Transitional".

6.5 CSS and Font support

Font support will be introduced shortly. Due to the program's history, the HTML currently being generated is more akin to HTML 3.2.

Over time we plan to offer proper HTML 4.0 and CSS support, although obviously this will be limited to what can be sensibly applied to converted text.

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