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Coming soon...

Here's some robots that we've spotted spidering our site;-

A picture indexing site claiming it will go live in Q2 2001.

UPDATE due to go live in "a few days" (1 August 2001)

An interesting Java-based site that allows members to place their sites geographically. You can search for a place or user name, and the the applet allows you to zoom into a location. Sites are show at hexagons on the map and details pop up in a window as you click on the hexagons. The applet shows where you are in the world, a map of the location, key locations and lets you calculate distances and the like.

(first spotted 14 Feb 2000)

Spotted visiting one of our pages. Nothing to see as yet except for the promise of a new search engine.

(first spotted 14 August 2000)

Nothing to see yet except a giraffe graphic and an "enter email address" box to receive notification.

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