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Other search engine related sites

A site dedicated to all aspects of promoting web sites, with a sizable section on search engines. Articles include use of keywords, link popularity and much more.

The Informant monitors the major search engines, and sends you email whenever new pages matching your search are detected.

Like the Informant, this service will email you updates when new sites related to your search term appear in the search engines. The base service is free, but more extensive services are available for a monthly fee. I've not tried this, so I can't vouch for the results.

A site that publishes a subscription-only electronic magazine in PDF format dedicated to the topic of Internet businesses. The site also offers a number of free resources, amongst which is *"Mother of all search engine reference books"* - an e-book that is available as a PDF download (around 0.5 Mb).

The book covers a variety of search-engine related topics in a nice, consise manner that is easy to read. It is full of useful URLs linking to further articles, useful tools and, of course, this page itself. The book is updated preiodically, and you can sign up for updates via a mailing list.

This site is run by the people at (itself a
useful reference if you want to build site traffic). These forums are dedicated to discussing how to get your web pages listed and ranked in each of the search engines. An excellent place to lurk and find out what's going on with the major search engines.

Formerly called "A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines" that's pretty much what this is. This site contains tips on how to use engines, how to submit to engines, and what is the current health of the major search engines.

A site dedicated to the topic of how to get the most of your submissions to search engines. Pages discus topics like using Titles and keywords, doorways and gateways and much more. Quite a good introduction to the terminology of search engine submission.

Proclaiming itself as the "Portal Portal", this site offers news and articles on various search engines and portal subjects, and offers a weekly newsletter. The articles are drawn from a number of sources, cover interesting and thought-provoking topics, and are well written. They also have a set of forums, although these are naturally less active than those at dedicated forum sites.

A discussion site with many forums dedicated to topics of interest to webmasters. It includes forums on a number of search engine topics. Forums range from discussing how to get listed in particular search engines, to identifying spiders and webbots that come visiting your site.

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