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File finders and specialist engines

With the growth of software downloads, mpegs and image exchange, search engines are increasingly offering "file finding" services. Many of the major search engines routinely offer such options form their main site. AltaVista in particular has created a number of innovative search engines (for example to find pictures "like" the one you've selected).

File finder search engines often prefer to locate files by crawling the web. As such you can't usually "submit" URLs to these sites.

FAQ at, tutorial at
Advanced search is at
No Add URL

Site now closed

Diggit is an image search site, which is backed up by a text-based meta search engine, making it a one-stop site. Images are matched by a combination of image name, parent URL, meta tags, alt tags or text on the same page. Results are shown as thumbnails, and each offers "similar" and "info" links. The "info" links leads to a page showing details of the original image, together with related text search results. A pop-up window offers a tutorial when you first visit the site.

Couldn't see any help.
Advanced searches at
No Add URL.

This site helps you locate downloads by name. You can search for .zip files, mpegs etc. The advanced search offers options to find books and much more. Powered by Fast.

About is
Submit URL at

Attractive looking site that claims to be building a large multimedia search engine to produce a feed for InfoSpace's Web-based metasearch services, including, Dogpile and MetaCrawler.

I couldn't actually find somewhere to search, but I suspect it's opening in early 2001. [New]

About at
Advanced search at
Help at
Add URL at (need to register with ASPStreet)

Search engine based on the ASPSeek Open source/Linux project at

The site claims to be dedicated to searching application service providers' sites. The English a little strange, possibly because it seems to be based in Singapore based. Opened April 2000. [New]

No About.
No advanced search.

This is a software search engine. It claims to search a number of large software archives including DaveCentral, (C|Net), Download32, Tucows and ZDNet. The "submit program" link takes you to the submission page on [New]

An on-line bible search site. You can choose from a variety of translations.

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