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Search Engine translations services

A European portal/search engine that offers translations between a number of European languages. The service seems to be layered on that offered by

An Arabic portal that offers English to Arabic translation.

Babelfish is the granddaddy of on-line translation. Named after the Douglas Adams Sci-Fi creation, Bablefish offers an impressive range of Oriental and European languages. The Bablefish service is available as a "Translate this" option on any AltaVista-based search. English and Arabic interfaces are available, but when I tried a translation from the English interface it gave a JavaScript error.

You can translate an entered URL between major languages. Any links you follow can also be translated. There's a limit to how much can be translated on any given page though. [New]

A straight-forward online translation site that converts between English and the major West European languages. The site is provided by SDL who offer a large number of translation-related products and services from the site.

Google offers machine translation of your search results. You need to enable this option in your preferences. Under preferences you can also choose your preserred language for the Google Interface. [New]

A rather unique on-line translation meta-site. The site collects together forms which can be submitted to a number of translation sites round the world. Unlike meta search engines you need to choose the site you want and submit to it. Also includes links to services that will identify the language of a text sample. [New]

Translates English to Italian

A site that offers English to Russian machine translation (and vice versa) [New]

On-line translation is at
Help at

Site selling a number of translation-related products (electronic dictionaries and the like). The on-line demonstration includes support for some of the world's more exotic languages (Icelandic, Finnish), and some unusual conversions such as "US English" to "UK English". It also distinguishes European Spanish and Portuguese from their Latin American variants.

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