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Directories with search capabilities

Search tips at

The "Mining co" recently renamed "". This site uses a number of human "guides" to direct you to URLs and news on a variety of subject areas.

The search is AltaVista based [New]

A directory of links which gives a detailed paragraph about each topic (and link). For some sites additional links are given (e.g. an Archives link for a newspaper site, and search forms are included in many places). Alternative links allow you to open the URL in a new browser window.

The number of links is smaller and more eclectic than the more commercial indexes, but the descriptions and detail make this a quality site that is obviously a labour of love.

About SEARCH.COM is at,69,0,0200.html
and explains the search services available with links

This is C|Net's search engine portal. In fact the search appears to simply be InfoSeek with a C|Net front on it. Visit the above URL to access other search services available though this site (powered by, Snap! and others)

Help is at

Add URL is at, but you're best of identifying
your category first.

This "open directory project" (ODP) is a "spin off" (or more of a kindred spirit) from Mozilla, Netscape's open-source project.

The directory is maintained on a voluntary basis, with each directory being adopted by one or more "Editors". If you want a new category, become an Editor.

This approach means the directory is kept useful, but more importantly can accept new submissions quite rapidly due to the large review staff.

Potentially this "open" approach could give Yahoo a run for their money.

[update May 2000] In fact the ODP has since been adopted by a number of portal sites as their "directory" service, and some search engines give priority to sites listed in the ODP.

About at

Although claims to be a portal for Indians serving the needs of the Indian Diaspora, in fact there is very little obvious Indian bias on AltaVista-basedc search engine and its attached directory.

Results are headed by directory listings and results from Indya's own channels.

A directory from the people that gave you AltaVista, so the "search" part is really just AltaVista, although it does search the LookSmart directory as well.

The directory is fairly extensive, if a little slow to navigate. The directory has grown in popularity (and is now used by several search engines to boost ranking). A fee of $199 will ensure your submission is looked at early. It doesn't guarantee an inclusion though.

No advanced search or help that I could find. The search option defaults to searching (which is what I guess it's there for)

Submit a site at,
although the actual submission process is via email. The submission is for inclusion in their directories.

Netscape's popular portal site (popular if only because all copies of Communicator easily point to it). You can elect to search using a number of directories. The current default is Snap, which is powered by Inktomi.

Options page is at

Help page is at, with search
options further down the page.

Advanced tips are at (and take some

Adding a URL to yahoo is a career move. Life's too short to document the process here, and it's not just a simple URL.

Yahoo is the grandaddy of all directories. A hand-crafted index that is still the most popular. This hand-crafting means that most sites (mine included) are not listed in the index, so they can't claim to be comprehensive or up to date (bitter, moi?).

However they also have a search engine. Searches start in Yahoo, but if and when that fails a more general web search is carried out.

The engine used to be AltaVista based (which was nice, as you could view more than 10 results/page), then changed to Inktomi (bah!) and then to google (hurrah!)

(STOP PRESS: I did finally get my site listed after one and a half years of effort. Of course by that time my site had moved. Happily I was able to get the URL changed quite easily).

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