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Regional search engines (UK)

As JafSoft are based in the UK, we keep a list of UK-based search engines. Several of the major search engines and directories offer regional variations (Excite, Yahoo, Lycos etc), but we don't list those here.

No advanced search page.

Search tips at, although there
appear to be different URLs for different sites using the service, making it look more like the calling site's help files.

Submit details at

AskAlex is a UK business directory. You can list your details for free, but it'll cost £100 to get email and http links added. The directory is linked to by a number of major portal sites (AOL, FreeServe etc). [New]

Browse to a category and select "Add Link" to submit a link

Advanced Search is at

A new (late 2001 from the looks of things) and smallish UK directory where you can suggest links by category. Each link is rated and the advanced search allows you to search (amongst other thinks) by rating.

Options exist to browse new links, top rated links, popular links etc, although when I tried this the number of links in my selected topics was fairly small and manageable.

You can register with the site, and subscribe to a mailing list, although I couldn't find out what benefits this would give. Presumably the right to submit ratings and get informed of new, useful links.

No advanced search option, but help on advanced searches can be found at
Basic help at
Add a URL at

A UK-based portal with a search engine that claims to re-index it's 7,000,000 pages every 2-3 weeks. One interesting feature is the way this site easily exposes other sites linked to and from the pages found. This is usually an advanced option on those engines that support it.

Submit only a single URL (which will be crawled), and any non-index page will raise an alarm forcing manual checking for appropriateness.

No advanced search.
Help is at
Add URL at

A yellow pages type site that allows search by category and region within the UK. Useful for finding cinemas in Portsmouth etc.

Advanced help is at
Add URL at

Intelli-search option is at
and appears on your search results page.

A meta-search option is at
and appears on your search results page

This seems to be a nicely-featured search engine. One to watch!

Advanced search at
No Help
Add URL page at

Very much a UK-only site, with the advanced search allowing search by county. Seems to have a small database, limited to links directly added into the site.

The above URLs are intended for display inside FRAMES, so to get the full effect, visit the main URL and click on "search" or "add URL".

No advanced search (searches are pretty constrained)

Help is at
(although I couldn't get it when I tried)

No Add URL page

Thompson directory of UK businesses. A rival to the more traditional yellow pages.

No advanced search
Help is at
Add URL at

Not a search engine. UK250 is a subscription based service. They invite businesses and organisations with good websites to pay to be listed on their website. In return, they offer to drive visitors to the sites they list. Submissions are reviewed for suitability.

The site is based around a number of "mini" category based sites each of which will be limited to 100 links. Given that you're paying to get listed, it's not clear how this limit is to be maintained, unless it's first come first served.

For some categories this approach works well, but for more geographical categories (and this is a UK-based site) I'm not sure how useful this approach will be. For example "guest houses" will list up to 100 guest houses in the UK, but in fact there are many 1000's and most people would want to browse by region, or do a search within the category.

No advanced search
No help
Add URL at

UK-only index. Site seems to have quite a small index, and wasn't accepting any new submissions when I checked. I got a server error on one of my searches, and a 404 error when I tried to access the help page. Not a good impression overall.

Advanced search at
Add a site at

Advanced search at
Add URL at
Help at

I had great difficulty accessing this site in Netscape 4.x. Some searches produced questionable results, but the power search has a "family filter" that you may want to use.

One nice feature is that submitted URLs appear almost immediately in the index

Seems to be another name for

Advanced search at (but it's not very)
No help.
Add URL at

Quite nippy UK-based site that serves up a comprehensive set of results. You can put searches in quotes, but annoyingly these get stripped off on the results pages, making page 2 come from a different set of results.

Strangely there seems no way of limiting the results to have a UK bias. The UK bias is evident in the other services available from the home page (news etc).

No advanced search (searches are pretty constrained).
No Help page.
No Add URL page.

UK business yellow pages. Search by specifying a who, what, where type query. Not a search engine as such.

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