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What's new

Version 4.0 is now released. Details of the changes to AscToHTM can be found in the on-line documentation at

The author John A Fotheringham (aka Jaf) has set up a company JafSoft Limited and a website to promote the Windows version of this software.

Incidentally, this HTML page was generated by AscToHTM 5.0 from this source file .

Downloading VMS versions

Since this is God's own operating system, JafSoft have made the software free to VMS users. This is because the core software is developed under VMS, and we'd like to redress the balance just a little. A Windows version of AscToHTM is available for $30 which is slightly easier to use if you want to manipulate "policies". A Linux version is undergoing beta testing.

Please note, because this software is available commercially elsewhere, we are unable to supply sources.

All downloads include readme files and the documentation kit

Downloads are available as below. If in doubt, try the "noshare" versions.

Documentation (450k)
The documentation kit. Although included
in all the other downloads, it's available
separately in case you want to see this first.
Alpha (2.2Mb)
Alpha executable. Linked on a V7.1 system.
This will require compatible C++ run-time
libraries to be present on your machine

Also includes a Alpha noshare executable. Linked with
the /NOSYSSHR qualifier, so should run on any
Alpha system, although the executable is
larger as a result.
Vax (still at v3.2) (950k)
Vax executable. Linked on a V6.2 system.
This will require compatible C++ run-time
libraries present on your machine.


If you experience any problems using these files, send us details, and we'll try to help you out. Problems are most likely to occur due to ident mismatches. Either you have an earlier version of VMS or an earlier version of some shareable library. We've tried to use the oldest systems we have, but unfortunately (!) our systems are reasonably up to date.

As for any problems using the software, or with the conversions that result, we welcome any comments, fault reports or suggestions for improvements, although the time available for responding to such comments is sometimes limited.

Future updates

If you'd like to be informed of updates to AscToHTM, you can either

a. Email us registering your interest.

b. Regularly re-visit this site.

However, be aware that most updates are likely to be new releases of the PC versions.

Other free VMS software

Other VMS software we recommend can be found on Phil Ottewell's VMS PDS software page

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