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More details on registering your copy of AscToHTM

What does a "copy" allow me to do?

A "copy" is defined as a single "person-operating system" combination.

If you're a private individual, a single payment entitles you to use this software on any and all of your personal machines which use the same operating system.

Please note, a single payment doesn't entitle you to let all your friends have a copy, though you can give them your shareware copy at any time.

Individuals who wish a second copy for a different operating system should email info<at>, to negotiate additional copies at reduced cost.

FAQ Maintainers

If you're a FAQ maintainer we are happy to supply a copy free of charge provided :-

  1. You supply some details/evidence of the FAQ you maintain. Normally a copy of the text (or its URL) will be sufficient, or a pointer to a newsgroup.

  2. You credit AscToHTM in any HTML version of the FAQ you generate using it. AscToHTM inserts HTML comments into the HTML it generates, so at the very least you should leave these comments in.

  3. You consider allowing us to put a link to any such generated FAQ as an example of what AscToHTM can achieve. We will, of course, seek your permission first.

Incidentally, there is another text-to-HTML tool available for free to FAQ maintainers at This is more targeted at FAQ production, rather than supporting general text features. The software has been written for UNIX, but is supplied as source code.

The author has been kind enough to link to my pages, so I'm happy to (somewhat belatedly) return the favour here.

Multiple licenses

If you're a company, then you need a copy for each machine. So if you want it for 3 machines, simply license 3 copies.

If you want a large number of copies, a site-wide license or even a world-wide license email with detail.

API license

An API for AscToHTM is available. This would allow you to integrate the software with your own software. Email info<at> with details.

OpenVMS copies

If you want the VMS version of AscToHTM we are happy to supply a copy free of charge. Read more about the VMS version

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