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AscToHTM screen shots

Screen shots

These screen shots give you a feel for what the software looks like when running. The hyperlinks lead to further screen shots.

Screen shot of AscToHTM in use

The program starts with AscToHTM main screen. Here you can browse to select the file(s) to be converted. The output filename and directory fields will be filled in automatically for you. The buttons along the top allow you to

  • Convert the selected files
  • Change "policies" to customise your conversion (see below)
  • Change the program settings
  • Show the messages generated during the last conversion
  • View the last converted file in a browser. The program will detect your default browser, and you may change this via the program settings

Program settings

On the settings dialog you can specify a default policy file to be used for your conversions, the browser command to be used to view results, and the behaviour of the program when you drop a file on its icon, or send a file to it via the SendTo menu.

Conversion policies

You conversions can be tailored through the many program options. These are collectively known as the policies, and may be saved in policy files for re-use in later, similar conversions.

Policy files may be saved and later reloaded. The actual files are simple text files so that you may manually review and edit the policies via a text editor should you wish.

You can access policies via the Conversion Options menu. Policies are divided into two categories

  • Analysis policies. These influence how AscToHTM analyses and interprets your document. You can review these using the analysis policies dialog. This is normally only necessary if AscToHTM's analysis goes wrong in some way.

  • Output policies. These influence the HTML that is produced from your analysed files. You can change these using the output policies dialog. In this way you can fine tune your conversion, adding title, colours and much, much more to your documents.

A full list of options can be found in the on-line documentation.

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