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You can read the reviews of AscToHTM. In the meantime, here's some pretty pictures and a few choice quotes to give you a flavour.

Featured at lockergnome
Featured software at
WebAttack- Gold Editor's pick
"The best text to HTML converter I've seen"
5 stars at ZDNet
5 butterflies5   
"For all webmasters that are working with text I sincerely recommend AscToHTM"

4 stars
5 nobull stars
No Bull Software reviews
Supershareware Award
Super Shareware
cool dudecool dudecool dudecool dudecool dude
File Dudes
A Jim tool
"I tested over 25 different programs looking for the best text-to-html converter. This was the best I found"

Virtual Promote
can't do without it
One of only 25 titles that Shareware Junkies declared they can't do without
"In our tests, AscToHTM usually produced better-looking output than Microsoft Word's AutoFormat feature"

PC Magazine
4 stars
5-star shareware
A1 Yipee site
A1 Yippee
4 cows

(Selected as "Head of herd")
5 stars at File transit
File Transit
silver award
Simply the best. Silver award
5 globes
Dan World
"The best text to HTML converter currently available"
Webmaster Resources
Featured site
Really Big shareware archive
HTML Featured Site
CHIP online (Germany)
HTML Featured Site featured HTML site
VirtualPromote select site
VirtualPromote select site
"If I were still creating web pages for a living I would quit. No one would want to pay me to do something as easy as AscToHTM makes it"
Christian Computing magazine
This program is included in the RegistryFAQ - Get it now!
Included in the RegistryFAQ
4 emoticons
Rocket Download
SoftList says: WOW!
SoftList (in Russia)
Pass The Shareware!
Pass the shareware
Fiole Hungry
File Hungry
Addict's choice
Shareware Addict
Reviewed at Shareware Update
"AscToHTM is sort of the Goldilocks of these converters: not too simple, not too complex, but just right"

Shareware Update
Editor's Pick at Software Seekers
Software Seekers
5 stars at Top Shareware!
Top shareware
5 stars at OneKit!
One Kit
Best of the Best at UK Wares!
UK Wares
Reviewed by Dr File Finder
What really blew me away is
that the program can even detect "tables"
in your text file and can then create an HTML
table from it

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