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API license

Evaluation copies and documentation

An evaluation copy can be downloaded to let you try the API before deciding to purchase. The evaluation version adds a header and footer to the output, and will convert selected parts of the text to UPPER CASE.

Documentation for the API is included in the evaluation download and can also be viewed online

Developer License

A developer license permits up to 10 software developers to make use of the Detagger API. It does not grant you distribution rights. Under the terms of the Developer license :-

  • you are free to use the API on internal projects
  • you can install software developed using the API on a single internal server
  • you can allow up to 10 developers access to the API

Anything more than this and you will need to negotiate a distribution license with JafSoft (see below). Purchase of a Developer license will also entitle you to a complimentary copy of the Windows utility for testing and prototyping.

The Developer license costs $250 for commercial use. You can purchase online using the link below

Non-commercial use (charities and educational establishments) can get a discounted rate by contacting us with details.

Distribution License

The Distribution License is priced according to the intended use, although a number of different payment options are available.

We usually prefer to quote prices on a single payment, royalty-free basis, with the price set appropriate to the size of the expected deployment, but we can adapt the payment schedule to suit your needs.

The distribution license cost is calculated on a sliding scale, such that larger deployments are proportionally cheaper. The fee is priced according to the number of end users anticipated or - if it is to be included in a server product - the number of client servers it is to be installed on.

To negotiate a distribution license, please contact us via email, supplying as many of the following details as possible

  • What type of product is the API to be use in?
  • Is the API to be included in a server or end user product?
  • What role within the product is the API being used for?
  • How many end users / server installations do you anticipate?
  • Would you prefer to negotiate a one-time fee, an annual maintenance fee, or some combination of the two?
  • Would you be prepared to place an "accolade" for Detagger in your documentation and About screens etc?

Once you have supplied details of your anticipated deployment of the software we'll be able to give you a quote, and suggested suitable payment schedules.

Once a price has been negotiated we will supply you with payment instructions.

Support and maintenance

Developers who purchase the API get a complimentary copy of the windows product, primarily to allow them to easily prototype any "Policy files" for the conversions they want to attempt.

Developers will also be offered free of charge any updates that occur for up to one year from the date of purchase. During this time email support will be offered to a few named contacts.

If you wish to receive updates and support beyond 12 months you will need to pay an annual "maintenance fee". This is usually priced at around 20% of the initial license fee.

Technical details

The API software itself is written in C++, but the API itself is declared as a set of "C" routines, and a C header file is supplied to define the API. The API is supplied as both a link library and a DLL. The code can be called from C/C++ software or (in DLL form only) Visual Basic. The above link contains evaluation downloads that demonstrate both in sample programs.

Some customers have also successfully called the API from within Java using JNI, but we don't currently have any demonstration programs for that.

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