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This page is used to record the update history of Detagger, with the most recent updates listed at the top of the page. In general updates are only available to registered users, who are notified via email as and when updates become available. However they may occasionally fail to get such messages (e.g. if they change address, of if their mail server has temporary problems).

In between updates "micro-releases" may occur with bug fixes and a few new features. Such releases are listed here, and may be downloaded from the same location as the last major release (effectively that file is "refreshed").

If you're a registered user, and you feel you've missed an update notification, simply email contact us with details.

Updates to help files and documentation may be listed here. Where these are free to all, direct download links are provided

Changes made into 2009 and beyond

Several chanes have been made to Detagger in recent times, and will be released as version 3.0 eventually. These include better Unicode handling and the craetion of a COM API version. Although not yet officially released these versions have been made available to customers who contacted us with those particular requirememts.


Version 2.4 is released. This version contains several new options, particularly in the area of data extraction, allowing you to elect to only convert data in tables of a certain depth.

Full details here


Version 2.3.2 is released. While this is mostly a bug fix release, it also contains a number of improvements for handling Unicode files, and a new option to allow the selective removal of the DOCTYPE tag.

Full details here


Version 2.3 is released. This allows you to output to a directory tree that mimics the input directory tree. It also introduces a Text Commands feature that allows you to pre-process the file before conversion. More tag removal options are added.

Full details here


Version 2.2 is released. This adds a setting to remember the selected files and directories for next time, so you can just carry on from where you left of last time. It also adds options to remove key attributes from tables and to convert <p>..</p> tags to <br> tags inside a table.

Full details here


Version 2.1 is released. This introduces the ability to concatenate results files and to perform wildcard searches through sub-folders

Full details here


Version 2.0 is released. This includes a number of new features, as well as dramatic performance improvements when processing large files.

Full details here


Version 1.0 is released!!

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